we've made the complicated simple. 

Science shows us how beneficial plant-based essential oils are to mental and physical health. We’ve tried countless essential oil products on the market, but couldn't find one that is all-natural, suits our always-on-the-go lifestyle and appeals to our admiration of all things minimal & chic. 

We wanted to take the complexity of finding ethically made, high-quality products for people who are always on the go. Essential oils can be confusing and intimidating, and often require an oil burner or a diffuser, not to mention the complicated usage instructions that accompany the product. We wanted to make the complicated simple by creating a product that meets the needs of a busy lifestyle.

So we studied and learned from aromatherapy experts to create a line of easy-to-use, all-natural aromatic sprays. Each blend is carefully selected and crafted by hand to align and harmonize the plant properties and natural aromas so that they benefit the mind, body and spirit for all genders.  We hope that self-care becomes a daily exercise, wherever or whatever the day takes you and whether you need to boost up, calm down or simply just be. 

Curious about the meaning behind our name, Aiden & Coco? It is simple - the sun and nature. Aiden is the name of the Celtic sun god and Coco is the coconut trees that thrive in the sun. When we create our products, we truly celebrate and respect these two very important elements as we believe that sunshine + nature = life and happiness. 



Sue Guo