Pine, Fir Needles, Mint, Cedarwood

Be among nature, breathe in the scent of an evergreen forest when you need a moment of relaxation and recharge. Inspired by the redwood forests along the California Coast. 

Made with 100% natural ingredients (with natural preservatives) and infused with a custom blend of essential oils, our essential spray is multi-purposeful and safe on skin.*  Use as a facial mist, body or atmosphere spray.

*As you may know, you should never apply essential oils neat on your skin. 

It's perfect to spray FOREST -
✓ as part of your pre/post yoga breathing ritual
✓ as you power through a late night work 
✓ when you get stuck in traffic 
✓ to refresh clothing/surrounding air


Pine: is believed to have purifying and clarifying properties which can help eliminate fatigue, increase focus, energize the body and improve mood.

Fir: is known to help soothe pain and relax aching muscles, stimulate the immune system, and help decrease bacteria causing body odor. Its pleasant evergreen scent can instantly transport you to your favorite spot in nature.

Cedarwood: its warm, comforting, and sedative scent naturally promotes stress relief. Cedarwood oil can also help deodorize and freshen indoor environments.