Self-Care Tips (Tech Free Version)

In the midst of a global pandemic, uncertainty lies ahead for everyone as many begin to feel isolated, restless, and anxious, which can deeply impact one’s own mental and physical health and wellness. It can be overwhelming to be on your phone or laptop from a long day of work or studies. Take a break from social media, put away your laptop, and silence your phone. We are all about helping you find daily practices that create a positive lifestyle and improve your physical and mental health. Here are some tips to help nurture your life with positivity and live away from technology.

Keep on moving and start exercising

Health studies show that daily exercises have positively impacted one’s own mental health by reducing anxiety, stress, and negativity. Being with nature can positively improve your mood for the day. We're lucky to live in the Bay Area as it is home to many scenic hiking and biking trails that are open to the public. 

Many parks and trails (most are about an hour drive from the city!) have opened up this past month such as the challenging Mission Peak climb and the inspiring, well-rounded Tilden Regional Park. Remember to wear your mask and maintain at least a six-feet distance away from other people! Prior to going to the parks and trails, be sure to check your county’s safety guidelines.

Create a balanced, healthy diet

While it may be tempting to continue snacking on those salty chips, it is crucial to maintain a well-balanced diet to improve your mind and body’s immune system. Instead of grabbing that sugary donut, snack on fruits and vegetables. Staying at home means more time to create your own healthy snacks like trail mixes, smoothies, and acai bowls. Most importantly, do not forget to stay hydrated

Meet your new best friends — pen and paper!

Writing has been known to be therapeutic, especially at a time of uncertainty. We are left alone with our thoughts that can feel overwhelming and disorganized, which can lead to mental issues like anxiety and stress. Grab a notebook and start journaling! You can organize your thoughts and feelings to relieve you from all the negativity in your mind. 

Express yourself through art

Everyone is creative in their own way. Why not explore your creative side while you’re stuck indoors? By cultivating a creative mindset, you can channel your inner peace and calmness with all the chaos going around in the world. Coloring books, painting, and designing clothes are a few of the many ways to de-stress in a colorful manner. 

Breathe in, breathe out.

There are many simple breathing exercises to help alleviate stress, anxiety, and other mood-related problems. By developing a daily mindful meditation routine, you can calm your mind and feel relaxed throughout the day. A simple 5-minute daily breathing exercise can greatly impact the way you control and perceive your day.

Be kind to yourself

The most important way to create a positive lifestyle is to treat yourself with kindness. Do not put yourself down for missing a meeting or turning in overdue work. Your mind and body deserve a break as you try to navigate the ways of life. Make space to mindfully meditate, prioritize yourself, and give yourself a treat. Showing love to yourself can mean many things — taking a hot bath, putting on a face mask, or enjoying your favorite natural scents.
We strive make aromatherapy simple enough to bring positive wellness in your life. Pick up CALM to settle your nerves or GLOW to energize your day. These are just two of our natural products crafted to show kindness and love to yourself.

Busy schedules and taking care of others can make you forget about the most important task — caring for yourself. By practicing daily self care routines, you can positively change your life at a time of never ending changes, risks, and uncertainty. During this pandemic, please continue practicing safety guidelines as you create a peaceful temple for your mind, body, and mood.


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