Aromatherapy Made Simple

Our mission is to make the complicated simple. Essential oils can seem intimidating, and you might not know where to begin. Keep reading this article to enrich yourself on the health benefits of essential oils and how you can implement them in your life today. Let’s keep it simple.

What is Aromatherapy?

When people first hear about aromatherapy, they think about fragrance or perfumes. But, aromatherapy consists simply of using essential oils for healing. It’s a holistic approach to treating both physical and emotional maladies that relies on the sense of smell. The use of aromatherapy was first introduced in ancient civilizations like Egypt, China, and India. When you inhale essential oils, the scent travels from the olfactory nerves in your nose directly to the brain. More specifically, aromatherapy targets the amygdala which is the emotional center of the brain.

The Power of Living Substances 

Essential oils represent the spirit or soul of the plant. According to Marcel Lavabre who was born in the lavender-growing region of southern France and has been involved in every aspect of aromatherapy for 20 years, essential oils are made up of highly concentrated vegetal extracts that contain hormones, vitamins, antibiotics, and antiseptics. Basically, these plant extracts are the most concentrated form of herbal energy. The power of essential oils lies in the combination of elements that are fundamental for life. 

How Can They be Used?

Starting with essential oils can be overwhelming if you need a diffuser, oil burner, or have to mix the oils on your own. Our products make this simple by crafting pre-mixed essential oil sprays that you can take anywhere on-the-go. Aromatherapy is most influential in combination with other lifestyle and diet changes; use them while you exercise, meditate, or stream your favorite show. Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone.

Up All Night?

Aromatherapy can be especially beneficial to ease into relaxation and sleep. Lavender oil is known for its calming properties and can aid with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. CALM, blended with French Lavender, White Sage, and Bergamot, is perfect to be used before bed for sweet dreams.

Elevate Your Meditation

Take your yoga and meditation to the next level by using LEA. Spray your yoga mat, meditation pillow, or the general vicinity to enhance your practice. A key ingredient in LEA is basil; an adaptogen that helps balance the mind and body. Finding balance is often the goal in yoga and meditation— aromatherapy with LEA will help you find your zen.

Mid-Day Slump?

Ditch the second, third, or fourth... cup of coffee and pick up GLOW instead. This invigorating blend of clementine, lemon, neroli, and witch hazel will boost your mood and bring some summer vibes into your day. Keep it at your desk or in your bag when you need a pick-me-up at work or school!

Study for Finals Season

Whether you’re trying to cram the night before or prepare gradually, DAWN has you covered. The ingredient rosemary can improve memory by 75% when inhaled. Spray DAWN while studying or doing homework to retain information and stay focused. The added frankincense improves concentration, too!

Skincare Secret

If your skin is dry, tired, or in need of a little something, try ROSE. The rose hydrosol is hydrating, soothing, anti-inflammatory, and pH-balancing. Infused with geranium and eucalyptus, it will leave a sweet floral scent and a cooling sensation. Mist your face in the morning, before bed, or after the shower to give your skin the nutrients it’s missing. 

There’s an essential oil for just about every wellness concern you might have. Aromatherapy is a quick, easy solution to incorporate into your busy lifestyle. With Aiden & Coco, you can take these scents on-the-go. You might have to play around and see what’s best for you. What’s your favorite scent? What health issues would you like to target? Comment below your favorite uses for essential oils, or a new technique you’re excited to try! If you’re interested in more information about health benefits, look here.


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